• Handles labels up to 170mm wide
  • Roll Diameter capacity up to 220mm
  • Core diam 76mm as standard
  • Speed up to 125cm/sec


The SR-6  Label Slitter/Rewinder allows you to slit and rewind in-line directly from a printer without placing any tension whatsoever on the printer. A free-hanging loop of material is created between the SR-6 and the printer thereby eliminating all tension on the printer. A special chassis-mounted optical sensor on the SR-6 starts and stops the slit/rewind action based on the optimum depth of the loop. Fully adjustable tension on the SR-6 provides complete control over the slitting action and the tightness of the finish rolls.

Reliable, high quality and maintenance-free, the Slitter/Rewinder SR-6 features a 3-Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty (1-Year on power supplies), the longest in the industry.


P/N: LMS006 (Right to Left)

LMS007 (Left to Right)

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