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Do you own a VIP Color Printer VP700 or VP750? If so, make sure to visit our colour printing solutions for these printers. They will make your coloured label printing a lot faster and efficient.

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VP700/750 + UNI CAT Rewinder

When you place a UNI-CAT unwinder in front of the printer, you can feed your labels easily into the VIP Color VP700 or VP750. Outlining becomes child's play with an optional base plate. The UNI-CAT can handle rolls up to 300mm in diameter (XL editions up to 400mm) and will work according to the speed of your printer. The final rolls are immediately ready to use.

VP700/750 + UNI CAT Unwinder + Rewinder

When you link theVIP COLOR VP700/VP750 with two UNI-CATs, the one placed behind the printer functions as an unwinder, while the other rewinds your printed labels. In this setting, you reach the full potential of your label printer. You can process labels up to 300mm in diameter. Suited base plates are available for this setting.


The VIP COLOR VP700/VP750 in combination with a TWIN-MATRIX improve the fluency of your label printing process. With just a few settings, you can print full bleed. Labelmate's TWIN MATRIX not only collects your definitive labels but also separates them from the waste material, all in line with your printer. The optional base plate ensures easy outlining.

VP700/750 + UNI CAT Unwinder + TWIN MATRIX

To print completely borderless, you link the VIP COLOR VP700 en VP750 with a TWIN MATRIX and a UNI-CAT. This combination allows you to reach your printer's full potential. The UNI-CAT Unwinder feeds your labels to the printer, while the TWIN MATRIX collects the definitive labels and the waste material separately.

VP700/750 + Z-CAT

Is it necessary to achieve very tight label rolls? Or is your printer extremely sensitive to the tensions due to the label track? In that case, you can profit from our ZERO TENSION LOOP REWINDER ZCAT. The optic sensor maintains an optimal distance between the printer and the rewinder at all times. The extra rubber roller provides elevated tension that results in excellent label rolls.

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Compare our products

P/NModelDescriptionMax label widthMax roll diamMax weight
LMR045 UNI-CAT-10- INCHESStandard for 76mm cores (38/40/44/50/70mm available) 255 mm 300 mm 10 KG
LMR044/ LMX484 UNI-CAT-CHUCKEasy-Loading Quick- Chuck for 76mm cores220 mm 300 mm 10 KG
LMR049/ LMX484UNI-CAT-XLEasy-Loading Quick-Chuck for 76mm cores and 400 mm rolls220 mm 400 mm14 KG
LMR060TWIN-MATRIX-8-L/RLeft to Right paper path, for colour printers based on Memjet engines220 mm2 x 220 mm2 x 5 KG
LMR036 ZCAT-6-L/R Left to Right paper path, for colour printers based on Memjet engines170 mm300 mm9 KG
LMR038 ZCAT-8-L/R Left to Right paper path, for colour printers based on Memjet engines 220 mm300 mm9 KG