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Swift Color represents affordable and professional on-demand label printers. Their broad product range contains, inter alia, the SCL-4000D and SCL-4000P, a printer that works with pigment-based inks. Labelmate offers Color printing solutions that increase the autonomy of your printers and fasten the labelling process.


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VIP Color SCL 4000D/P + UNI CAT

The Swift Color SCL4000D/P can be linked to a UNI-CAT label rewinder. Your label rolls will be wound on a tight roll, and will be ready to use. This video gives a clear view of the process.

Combine our products

SCL 4000D/P + UNI CAT Rewinder

You can couple a Swift Color SCL-4000D or an SCL-4000P with a UNI-CAT rewinder, placing it before the printer. Outlining is very easy when using the optional base plate in this construction. The UNI-CAT can handle rolls up to 300mm, according to the speed of your printer. The new tightly rolled up rolls will be ready to use in no time.

SCL 4000D/P + UNI CAT Unwinder + Rewinder

When you use two UNI-CAT´s, the one before the printer will unroll, while the one behind the printer will roll up the final labels. With this composition, your compactly rolled label rolls will be immediately ready to use. The optional base plates make outlining very easy.


To print coloured labels full-bleed, you combine the Swift Color SCL-4000D/P with a TWIN MATRIX. That device collects the waste material, before rolling up your final labels. At the end of the process, you get two rolls: one with the waste material and the other with your final labels.


SCL 4000D/P + UNI CAT Unwinder + TWIN MATRIX

An SCL-4000D or an SCL-4000P in combination with both a label unwinder like the UNI-CAT and a TWIN-MATRIX is a match made in heaven. This set makes your label printing process a lot quicker, by separating the label waste material from the final labels. It rolls both products up onto two separate rolls.


Compare our products

P/NModelDescriptionMax label widthMax roll diamMax weight
LMR042UNI-CAT-STANDARDStandard for 76mm cores (38/40/44/50/70/100mm available) 155 mm 300 mm 8 KG
LMR043UNI-CAT-ACHAdjustable Core Holder for using any core diameter between 25 & 101 mm. 155 mm 280 mm 7 KG
LMR044UNI-CAT-CHUCKEasy-Loading Quick- Chuck for 76mm cores (38/40/44/70mm available) 170 mm 300 mm 10 KG
LMR049UNI-CAT-XLEasy-Loading Quick-Chuck for 76mm cores and 400 mm rolls170 mm 400 mm 14 KG
LMR057TWIN-MATRIX-6-R/L Right to Left paper path, for colour printers170 mm2 x 220 mm2 x 5 KG