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The OKI PRO 1040 and OKI PRO 1050 give a whole new dimension to colour label printers. When joined with the right accessories, you can use the full potential of this coloured label printer. Discover all possible combinations below and find out the value Labelmate ads to your OKI PRO label printer.

OKI PRO 1040-1050

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OKI PRO 1040/1050 + UNI CAT Rewinder

The OKI PRO 1040-1050 can be easily combined with a UNI-CAT rewinder, you place before your printer. Outlining becomes child's play if you use an optional base plate. The UNI-CAT can handle label rolls up to 300mm according to the speed of your printer/ The new, tightly rolled up label rolls will be immediately ready to use and process.

OKI PRO 1040:1050 - UNI CAT Rewinder


The OKI PRO 1040-1050 joined with a TWIN MATRIX fastens up your labelling process. The TWIN MATRIX not only collects your definitive labels but also collects your waste material on a separate roll. That way, you get a ready-to-use label roll. This combination is also suited for an optional base plate.

OKI PRO 1040:1050 Twin Matrix

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P/NModelDescriptionMax label widthMax roll diamMax weight
LMR042 UNI-CAT-STANDARDStandard for 76mm cores (38/40/44/50/70/100mm available)155 mm300 mm 8 KG
LMR043UNI-CAT-ACHAdjustable Core Holder for using any core diameter between 25 & 101 mm.155 mm 280 mm 7 KG
LMR044 UNI-CAT-CHUCKEasy-Loading Quick- Chuck for 76mm cores (38/40/44/70mm available) 170 mm 300 mm 10 KG
LMR049 UNI-CAT-XLEasy-Loading Quick-Chuck for 76mm cores and 400 mm rolls170 mm 400 mm 14 KG
LMR057TWIN-MATRIX-6-R/LRight to Left paper path, for colour printers170 mm2 x 220 mm2 x 5 KG