Print Accessories

Our product range offers a variety of print accessories for the Epson C3500, C6000, C6500 and C7500. With accessories for colour printers, you can process label rolls up to 300mm. That way, you increase the usability and maximise the efficiency of your investment. Down below, you find several set-ups and videos. Still some unanswered questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

EPSON C7500 | printer accessoires

Espon C7500 + UNI-CAT rewinder/unwinder

Are you thinking about combining the EPSON C7500 with one or more UNI-CATs? Make sure to watch the video below. That video explains clearly how the process takes place. Labelmate combined with an EPSON C7500 makes an ideal match.

Epson C7500 + TWIN MATRIX

Do you want to combine the EPSON C7500 with a TWIN-MATRIX, so you not only receive the final labels on a tight roll but also the waste material? That’s possible! Make sure to watch the video below and discover how it is performed.

Combine our products

Epson C7500 + UNI-CAT rewinder

The EPSON C7500 is joined very easily with the UNI-CAT rewinder, when placed in front of the label printer. Outlining is child's play when using the optional base plates. The UNI-CAT will roll up label rolls up to 300mm, according to the speeds of your printer. The new, tightly rolled label rolls are immediately ready to use.

Epson C7500 + UNI-CAT unwinder + UNI-CAT rewinder

A combination between the EPSON C7500 and two UNI-CATs provides one UNI-CAT to function as unwinder, whilst the other one operates as label rewinder. With this setup, your labels will be ready to use in no time. It is advisable to use two optional base plates for this setting.

Epson C7500 + UNI-CAT afwikkelaar + TWIN MATRIX

A TWIN-MATRIX can be placed in front of an EPSON C7500 printer, while a UNI-CAT is situated behind the printer. That way, you enlarge the capacity, which results in an ideal match for the printer's high printing speed. The waste material will be collected in line with your printer and will be rolled up separately. That results in the fact that your labels will be immediately ready to use after printing. This configuration supports the use of two optional base plates.


Is it necessary to achieve very tight label rolls? Or is your printer extremely sensitive to the tensions due to the label track? In that case, you can profit from our ZERO TENSION LOOP REWINDER ZCAT. The optic sensor maintains an optimal distance between the printer and the rewinder at all times. The extra rubber roller provides elevated tension that results in excellent label rolls.

Compare our products

P/NModelDescriptionMax label widthMax roll diamMax weight
LMR042UNI-CAT-STANDARD Standard for 76mm cores (38/40/44/50/70/100mm available) 155 mm 300 mm 8 KG
LMR043 .UNI-CAT-ACHAdjustable Core Holder for using any core diameter between 25 & 101 mm155 mm 280 mm 7 KG
LMR044 UNI-CAT-CHUCKEasy-Loading Quick- Chuck for 76mm cores (38/40/44/70mm available) 170 mm300 mm10 KG
LMR049 UNI-CAT-XLEasy-Loading Quick-Chuck for 76mm cores and 400 mm rolls 170 mm 400 mm 14 KG
LMR057 TWIN-MATRIX-6-R/L Right to Left paper path, for colour printers (EPSON, TSC, Primera,OKI,...)170 mm220 mm2 x 5 KG