Labelmate Warranty Program

Proven high-reliability, unmatched warranty !

At Labelmate, we do not settle for “good enough”. We strive to make the best products, with high quality components, ensuring your Labelmate product will perform for many years. Our unmatched Warranty Program makes this statement tangible !

All Labelmate Products are warranted to the original end-user customer to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. If it is determined by Labelmate that a product has failed under the terms of this warranty, the product will be repaired or replaced at no charge to the customer. Labelmate reserves all rights to determination of coverage and liability under this warranty. The warranty period for all new Labelmate products is outlined below:

Warranty Period

Products Covered

5 years

Label Rewinders

Label Unwinders

3 years

Label Counters & Slitters (mechanical parts only)

Label Dispensers

Printer mechanisms

1 year

Power Supply Modules

Counter Modules


Any products not specified above

The warranty period for all products starts on the date purchased by the original end-user customer. Warranty coverage is not transferable with ownership and will terminate immediately upon rental, resale or any other change in ownership. This warranty does not cover repair to any product which is damaged, has been modified, is missing parts, or has been opened or repaired by any unauthorised person. Use of any unauthorised accessory or attachment will void coverage. Purchase documentation should be retained for coverage verification.

In the event your product requires service, please contact your Labelmate Business Partner. The customer assumes responsibility for all cost and risk incurred in transport for service.

Labelmate makes no other warranty of any kind expressed or implied, or to suitability or fitness for a particular purpose. No other person, agent or reseller is authorised to give any warranties on behalf of Labelmate. Any obligation to warranty other than that specifically addressed above is hereby disclaimed.



The SR-6 or SR-10 combination Label Slitter & Rewinder allows you to slit and rewind in-line directly from a printer without placing any tension whatsoever on the printer. A free-hanging loop of material is created between the SR-6 or the SR-10 and the printer thereby eliminating all tension on the printer. A special chassis-mounted optical sensor on the SR-6 or the SR-10 starts and stops the slit/rewind action based on the optimum depth of the loop. Fully adjustable tension on the SR-6/SR-10 provides complete control over the slitting action and the tightness of the finished rolls.

Find more about the new SR-6 and SR-10 !

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